• Automation Hardware

    Unlock the full potential of your unique textile operations with SETEX's advanced automation solutions: Integrated Controllers, Sensors, and Smart Systems for flawless fabric quality.

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  • OrgaTEX MES Software

    Strategic insight, superior efficiency: Unite BI dashboard analytics with advanced planning for streamlined textile manufacturing, ensuring improved decision making and optimal machine utilization, accessible from any device.

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  • Making sustainability measurable

    We help companies to carry out every production order in an individually optimized, smart and sustainable way.

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  • TEXTILE Solutions Group ERP

    Unified Excellence: Discover the power of integrated MES/ERP solutions within the TEXTILE Solutions Group. Elevate production with seamless efficiency, customizable quality, and the agility to meet market demands.

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Partner for Performance

With 30 years of experience we rank among the global market leaders for controller, sensor and software solutions in the field of textile dyeing and finishing. Particularly demanding tasks such as planning, controlling, monitoring and analyzing manufacturing processes and the implementation of further advanced methodologies, have built up our strong reputation in the market. Our deep understanding on textile manufacturing processes makes us an ideal partner for meeting the modern challenges faced by automation projects.

A combination of the three main cirteria: years of experience, innovation strength and great passion have made us what we are today, a reliable partner for well-known textile machine manufacturers woldwide. We offer a comprehensive product portfolio and tailored services, where hardware and software components are precisely matched as a complete system. Our overall objectives include contributing to the harmonious development of textile manufacturing quality, shortening production time plus consuming less energy.


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