SETEX GmbH History

Founded in 1993, SETEX GmbH would permanently transform the textile finishing industry by introducing a new automation technology just one year later. The company has continuously expanded its product portfolio with new modules ever since. The goal: To be able to offer a complete solution to automate entire production departments. At the heart of this approach is the comprehensive and customizable OrgaTEX software solution.

Continuous innovation, a high level of commitment from system partners and steady expansion of its international presence have made SETEX one of the world’s leading companies in the textile industry.

Our timeline

1993 – Christoph and Oliver Schermuly found SETEX Schermuly textile computer GmbH.

1994 – The company develops the first PC-based controller to automate textile finishing machines. The first machine builders implement the SECOM 737 controller concept with SETEX PLC and I/O technology.

1995 – Release of the first version of OrgaTex as a software solution for centralized production management.

1998 – First use of the SECOM 737XL, the technologically updated successor to the SECOM 737. Particularly popular model with more than 10,000 units sold.

2005 – Foundation of the first Chinese subsidiary. Today, there are three branches in China, making it one of SETEX’s top-selling countries.

2006 – Development of CamCount online devices for contactless measurement with industrial camera technology.

2007 – Release of the fifth version of OrgaTEX. From this point forward, machine builders can integrate automatic feeding and dosing systems into the production process directly and autonomously. A new interface enables far-reaching integration from the laboratory to the ERP system.

2008 – Release of the first version of MS Windows-embedded SECOM 777CE controller, the all-rounder with keyboard and touch screen operation.

2010 – Introduction of the OrgaTEX Plant Navigator module for enhanced environmental protection and resource efficiency. New self-optimization tool to regulate hot water, gas, steam pressure and electricity.

2017 – Release of the fully revamped and innovative SETEX OrgaTEX X1 MES platform for digital workflow in line with the demands of Industry 4.0.


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