What SETEX can do for you

SETEX provides high-level consulting with real added value for every customer. We love challenges and have acquired a reputation for implementing projects in an optimal and efficient manner. Our customers receive the best technology for their automation solution. Users of our systems will find a simple operating concept and a precise overview of information that will advance their day-to-day business and inspire process optimization.

Individuality – unique solutions for your business

Every company in the textile industry is different and has its own specialty when it comes to finishing. Our experts are familiar with this individual approach and create solutions that are precisely tailored to the needs of your business. This means integrating current standards into existing machines so that new specifications can put into practice as efficiently as possible. 

Comfort – intuitive and intelligent operation

Daily work processes should run as smoothly as possible and not create headaches for your employees. Machines that are easy to operate are an important part of the equation. Whatever your individual wishes and scope of the controller technology may be, we set the stage for intelligent and intuitive operation that does not require a complicated training period.

Safety measures – simple to implement and up-to-date

Safety in the workplace is indispensable and can entail compliance with strict legal regulations. When it comes to converting or expanding your systems, we are familiar with all relevant safety aspects and will incorporate them into the consulting and implementation processes. You can therefore be confident that the highest safety standards will be followed in the automation of your work processes.

Technology leadership – solutions for the future 

Innovative power is not just about being the first supplier to bring a new technology to market. The key is to provide users with relevant, useful technologies at the right time and at a reasonable price. This is precisely where SETEX’s strength lies.

If textile companies need solutions that cannot be completely covered by a single supplier, our cross-company technology partner networks are a great advantage. The aim is to conserve customer knowledge and make it even more effective in their products and processes. The facts speak for themselves: there are 1,000 OrgaTEX MES systems in operation and over 40 textile machine manufacturers use SETEX automation.


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