Advanced Dyeing and Finishing Automation Equipment

Discover SETEX's diverse automation solutions for the textile industry. Our advanced control technology, precise sensors, and image processing systems effectively optimize your textile finishing processes. Our products, from process controls to Industry 4.0-compatible solutions, offer precision, efficiency, and user-friendly applications. SETEX stands for quality, innovation, and customer proximity in textile production. Our solutions are geared towards the major challenges of modern textile production and offer seamless integration, optimized workflows, improved quality control, and data-driven decision making.

E390 Controller

The SETEX E390 Controller drives efficiency in dyeing machines with Industry 4.0 technology. It features an intuitive user interface, accessible through web browsing on any mobile device, and improves operational efficiency, safety, and durability. This advanced controller enables real-time communication and predictive resource management, streamlining the manufacturing process.

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SECOM CE Controller

Building on the trusted and proven SECOM CE series, the new SETEX CE controller family, including models 797CE, 797TCE, 747CE, and 575CE, offers existing CE users a seamless and familiar operating experience with added reliability. These controllers have been updated with modern features, ensuring optimized and efficient textile production processes while maintaining the dependable performance you've come to expect.

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C390 Controller Series

At the heart of textile finishing, the C390 controllers are engineered for energy efficiency, functionality, and productivity. They feature advanced application software, intuitive user interfaces, and are ideal for smart factory applications, covering a broad range of finishing lines.

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Fabric Temperature& RFID-Sensors

SETEX's WTM V21 and V41 are advanced fabric temperature sensors for dryers and stenters, designed for precise and consistent temperature measurement.

TR20 RFID sensors offer contactless user access and IP64 industrial protection.

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PLC, I/O Cards & Fieldbus Modules

These components extend the functionality and safety of SECOM controllers. Compact PLCs offer a versatile, scalable architecture for textile machines. Fieldbus modules extend the I/O capabilities and provide a DIOS interface.

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OptiWeigh System

OptiWeigh ensures controlled, precise, and reproducible weighing workflows in textile dyeing. It's a complete system with selected scales for immediate operation, designed for day-to-day color kitchen work with a user-friendly interface and continuous data transfer with OrgaTEX MES.

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Smart Cam Systems

CamCOUNT and FabricINSPECTOR devices jointly ensure consistent fabric quality and density. CamCOUNT, adaptable and easy to install, precisely measures fabric and integrates with the SETEX C390 controller and OrgaTEX MES for automated settings and monitoring. FabricINSPECTOR complements this by checking density tolerances at every finishing stage, offering instant readings to harmonize fabric from various sources, ensuring excellent correlation with CamCOUNT.

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FabricINSPECTOR GSP for technical textiles

The SETEX GSP INSPECTOR measures pore sizes and thread dimensions in plain weave designs. Utilized in automotive, industrial, and manufacturing sectors, it ensures reliable filtration to protect people, the environment, and machinery.

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