SETEX PLC´s and I/O´s

Innovative Automation Components for the Textile Industry

SETEX's Compact PLC, I/O cards, and fieldbus modules are designed specifically for use in textile finishing, offering precise customization to the diverse requirements of dyeing and finishing machines. With SETEX SmartConfig, an application for efficient automation of dyeing processes, these components enable quick and easy implementation of individual automation solutions.

An individually developed solution is the better choice

The Compact Racks integrate effortlessly into any environment and, with expanded connectivity options through optimized SETEX DIOS buses and standardized interfaces such as CAN or Industrial Ethernet, offer outstanding flexibility and scalability. This modularity aids machine builders in the development of powerful, future-proof systems and contributes to shorter market introduction times.

The FMD modules complement this platform by providing a robust and practical extension of I/O capacities while simplifying operational data collection and machine control. With our technology, unplanned downtimes are minimized.

Compact Rack

Instant Connectivity, Lower Maintenance, and Easy Parameter Management

Flexibility and scalability characterize the SETEX Compact Racks CR 8 and CR 16.These racks integrate seamlessly into existing systems and offer high adaptability through expanded connectivity options via SETEX DIOS buses, CAN, or Industrial Ethernet.

Their modular design facilitates machine builders' rapid development of powerful and future-oriented control systems for custom textile machines. Additionally, the wide range of analog and digital cards enables builders to configure systems precisely according to process and environmental requirements as well as demanding energy KPIs."

FMD Fieldbus Modules

The SETEX FMD fieldbus module family offers a wide range of compact input/output modules with digital and analog inputs and outputs for decentralized automation solutions.

  1. All modules are available with DIOS fieldbus
  2. All inputs and outputs are opto-decoupled
  3. LED display for all digital inputs and outputs

Versatile connection options

The available modules offer a tailor-made solution for every application. In combination with SETEX fieldbus modules, the Compact System can also be expanded.

To integrate specialized modules within the machine, the Compact System can be used at any time via the SETEX DIOS or the standardized CANopen fieldbus. Via an Ethernet interface, the user – or SETEX support team member through a remote connection – can access the PLC in the machine if necessary.

Turnkey controller concepts

In combination with the graphical programming language CoDeSys, the comprehensive SETEX SmartConfig variant management system allows for quick and clear implementation of the automation specifications.

External I/Os for flexible connection 

The SETEX FMD fieldbus modules can be used as I/O extensions of the PLC or directly as an I/O unit for the SECOM control. They are equipped with SETEX’s own DIOS fieldbus interface.

Areas of application

The Compact PLC can be used for centralized and decentralized applications in the upper performance range and offers the user a flexible and future-proof automation solution. The main area of application is the control of textile finishing production units in conjunction with a higher-level SECOM controller system.

Designed for textile finishing

  1. Interface cards, e.g. RK512, barcode, scales
  2. Bus Arcnet or Industrial Ethernet
  1. Encoder cards
  2. Multi I/O cards
  3. Counter cards


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