Achieve the desired results from your filter media with the SETEX FabricINSPECTOR GSP. Inspired by world leaders’ expertise in filtration solutions, our advanced inspection system has been designed meticulously to redefine the standards of textile measurement. Experience unparalleled accuracy in pore size, thread thickness, and open mesh area analysis. Benefit from individual reports to ensure maximum quality in your production process.

Discover the precision of SETEX FabricINSPECTOR GSP - where quality meets innovation. Contact us for a demonstration and elevate your production to precision standards.

Product Overview

The SETEX FabricINSPECTOR GSP is an indispensable measuring system for quality control in the production of technical textiles. With its unique analyses, it plays a crucial role in determining the effectiveness of functional wear filters and clinical applications where the diameter of the largest particles that can pass through the fabric is a critical factor.

It provides a detailed insight into surface properties and enables fast and accurate correlation with target requirements in advance of complex permeability testing. This system is crucial for setting procedural targets and evaluation parameters and ensures that products actually meet the stringent requirements of technical textile applications.

With its user-friendly interface and powerful analytical capabilities, the FabricINSPECTOR GSP is an indispensable asset for manufacturers aiming to uphold the highest standards of quality and performance in their filtration products.

Adaptability to Product Characteristics

Tailored specifically for the properties and requirements of filtration textiles.

Detailed Fabric Analysis

Measures and analyzes critical parameters such as pore size, thread count, thread thickness and open mesh area.

Versatile Applications

Suitable for a range of industries, where filtration is critical. Influenced by the extensive experience of world leaders in fabric technology.

AI-Supported Error Detection

Rapid and precise identification of deviations in the manufacturing process to save costs and improve quality.

Real-Time Analysis

Graphical visualization of structure defects and interactive tracking of their influence on results.

Quality Assurance

Ensures that each fabric meets the high standards expected in the filtration market.

Comprehensive Reporting

Documentation of measurements and tolerances to ensure product quality.


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