Sensors for textile finishing

Enhancing Textile Production

The WTM V21 and WTM V41 temperature sensors offer precision and simplicity in temperature control, while the TR20 RFID sensor offers non-contact user authentication for improved traceability and efficiency.

Designed for the demanding conditions of textile production, SETEX products ensure accuracy, safety and convenience.

Whether it's precise temperature management or secure access to controllers, SETEX has the technology to advance your textile processing.

Learn from our experts how SETEX sensors and RFID technology can transform your production capabilities!

TR20 RFID Sensor

The TR20 RFID sensor optimizes your SETEX controllers through contactless user authentication. Industrial-grade with IP64 protection and USB connection, it offers unique user tags for secure logins and logouts.

Versatile applications to optimize your processes

  1. Real-time and quality control reporting: Improve your quality control and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) with accurate real-time data.
  2. Wage and bonus management: Implement a fair bonus system with accurate user data.
  3. Differentiated system access: Grant access to different system levels, including maintenance information and more, based on individual user permissions.
  4. Smart Login: Enable automatic user logins and logouts to simplify your workflows.

Seamless integration with SETEX controllers

All current SETEX controllers can easily be equipped with a TR20 RFID reader, with each user receiving a special, individual transponder. This enables precise user login and triggers specific functions and menus that correspond to the defined authorizations.

Improved traceability and efficiency

Customer-specific reports can be generated in the OrgaTEX MES system that show which machines were operated by which employees and at what times. This increases transparency, facilitates queries about product problems and promotes a fair working environment.

For more information and customization options to meet your specific requirements, please contact our sales department.

WTM V41 fabric temperature

As a robust, contactless fabric temperature measurement sensor, it is optimally positioned outside the dryer cabinet. This placement not only ensures easy access and maintenance but also enables the sensor to react swiftly and measure fabric temperature with unmatched precision.

Temperature range: 0 to 250 °C (32 to 482 °F)

Application: Universal in dryers and stenters, especially for external mounting


  1. Precise temperature control for optimal energy consumption and maximum speed of textile processing.
  2. High repeatability and accuracy, ensuring consistent quality in drying, thermofixation, and finishing processes.
  3. The sensor's resolution allows for accurate measurements across the entire range, crucial for color fastness and fabric feel.
  4. Fast response time, enhancing process efficiency and reducing the need for internal chamber access.
  5. Energy and CO2 Savings: Precise temperature monitoring and control significantly reduce energy needs, leading to lower CO2 emissions.
  6. First-Time-Right Principle: By enabling consistent quality control, the WTM V41 sensor reduces rejects and second-choice goods, saving material and cost.

This sensor not only epitomizes SETEX's commitment to precision and quality but also highlights the company's dedication to sustainable textile production. Through advanced technology, the WTM V41 sensor ensures energy efficiency, material conservation, and a reduction in carbon footprint, contributing to a greener future in textile manufacturing.

WTM V21 fabric temperature

Precision in the Heating Chamber

WTM V21 is specially designed for use inside the heating chambers. With its high measuring accuracy and repeatability, this sensor guarantees precise temperature monitoring, which is essential for textile finishing.

Temperature range: 0 to 250 °C (32 to 482 °F)

Area of application: Universal in dryers and stenters

Special features: High precision, robust for installation in heating chambers


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