SETEX E390 Controller

Smart Automation in Textile Redefined

Discover how the SETEX E390 controller is setting the new standard in automation for textile machines in batch processes. This future-oriented controller is a true reference for Industry 4.0 and seamlessly combines advanced technology with an intuitive user interface. Developed over three decades of collaboration with leading machine manufacturers, the E390 is characterized by smart factory production.

With the E390, embrace the sophistication of parallel process operations, comprehensive fine-tuning of production and the potential utilization of your machines far beyond normal use, moving beyond standard MES functions and into the realm of advanced manufacturing excellence.

Benefit from the flexibility of mobile control and experience an intelligent user interface that makes complex processes effortlessly manageable.

The E390 pioneers in energy efficiency and sustainability, making it a compelling choice for eco-conscious enterprises worldwide.

The E390 isn't just a controller; it's the heart of intelligent and connected textile production.


Smart User Interface

Ultimate Operating Comfort

SETEX E390 controllers offer a smart user interface, facilitating easy and intuitive operation even in complex processes.

  1. Graphically appealing and user-friendly interfaces of all relevant process data
  2. Intuitive swipe and scroll for in-depth process control
  3. Customizable user interfaces for different devices and user profiles enable device and user-specific display and control

Web-based flexibility

Access control and process details from anywhere

The web-based control of the E390 allows users to simultaneously view the process in the running machine and the control details on any mobile device - a significant improvement for ease of use and process monitoring.

  1. Allows process and control details of multiple machines to be viewed on one device for comprehensive control.
  2. Provides a virtual overview of all HMIs in the foreman's office, reducing physical visits to the machines to necessary manual interventions.
  3. Simplifies remote access by enabling users to control the devices through web browsers without requiring special remote tools.
  4. Allows review of upcoming or past events and operator calls, enabling proactive control and efficient response.

These features of the E390 controller support centralized and efficient monitoring and control of production processes, helping to optimize operations in modern textile production environments.


 Intelligent Energy Use

SETEX E390 controllers are equipped with smart meters that effectively predict and measure the consumption of resources in real time to enable advanced energy management, leading to an improved carbon footprint and cost savings.

  1. Advanced resource and energy consumption analysis: The controller provides advanced tools to monitor and analyze energy consumption, enabling more efficient use of resources and reducing unnecessary energy costs.
  2. Intelligent maintenance management functions: Optimize maintenance cycles to minimize downtime and extend machine life.
  3. Proactive resource management: The use of closed-loop systems increases efficiency by, for example, automatically adjusting heat or water in the production process to the current operating conditions in order to avoid peak loads.

These features make the E390 control system an indispensable tool for efficient, sustainable and intelligent production control in the modern textile industry.

MES Integration

Seamless integration for advanced process control

SETEX E390 controllers redefine integration into the modern OrgaTEX MES system. It not only enables standard functionalities, but also enhances them with advanced features for efficient production control.

  1. Creation, visualization, control and evaluation of complex production processes: Provides a detailed and easy-to-understand representation of processes, enabling rapid adjustment and troubleshooting.
  2. Enables parallel operation of processes to seamlessly integrate automatic dispensers and anticipate product approaches.
  3. Supports cross-batch utilization of all existing machine tanks, resulting in optimization of resource allocation.
  4. Advanced analytics and reporting capabilities: Utilizes real-time data for in-depth analysis and generates meaningful KPI reports that contribute to continuous process improvement and decision making.
  5. Provides many other advanced MES features that are essential for modern, efficient and connected production environments.

The E390 controller is more than a device; it is an integral part of an intelligent, networked and highly automated production ecosystem. With its advanced functionality, it sets new standards in Industry 4.0-compliant textile production

Offline Apps

Advanced functions for modern textile dyeing processes

The E390 controller offers special offline functions that have been specifically developed for modern textile dyeing processes. These functions significantly improve the efficiency and flexibility of production processes.

  1. Innovative program structures: New structures for dyeing programs and treatments with parameter macros enable a more flexible and efficient process design.
  2. Matrix view for dyeing programs: Enables easy adjustment of dyeing programs and parallel resources directly in the matrix view, simplifying operation and reducing training time.
  3. Advanced batch functions: Templates for batch creation and new formulas for calculating estimated consumption increase predictability, accuracy and efficiency.
  4. Comprehensive logging: The detailed recording and analysis of analog and digital values leads to improved data collection and analysis. This enables continuous process improvement and is crucial for quality control and energy management
  5. Advanced alarm management: Provides an unlimited number of alarms and alarm groups, ensuring greater operational reliability and faster response to any disruptions in the production process.

These functions offer textile manufacturers the opportunity to make their production more efficient, more flexible and of higher quality, even if they are not yet connected to an MES system.

E390 -the cutting edge machine automation solution

Advanced Smart User Interface

The E390 boasts an innovative, multi-layered, and intuitive interface, making it easy to manage complex processes. This interface enhances user interaction with visually appealing graphics and efficient navigational controls.

Mobile Device Integration

It offers seamless control through mobile devices via a standard web browser, enabling remote access and real-time monitoring from anywhere, which is a significant step towards flexible and modern textile manufacturing.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

The controller excels in energy management, aiding in reducing the carbon footprint and enhancing sustainability. This positions the E390 as a leader in environmentally responsible manufacturing processes.

Optimized MES System Integration

The E390 is designed for effective integration with MES systems, facilitating parallel processing, comprehensive production planning, and the efficient use of resources. This integration is crucial for modern, efficient, and networked production environments.

Offline Operation Capabilities

It offers robust offline operation with advanced OPC-UA technology, ensuring continuous operation and flexibility in process management, a vital feature in today's dynamic industrial scenarios.


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