Modern IT systems and machines used in textile production are highly diverse, often multifunctional and complex. The same is true with a view of the related processes and challenges that industry companies face when incorporating modern production automation and digitalization methods into their operations. SETEX GmbH is the expert by your side during these times of transformation, offering comprehensive support for consultants and other advisors.

Optimize your consulting services with SETEX GmbH

As the definitive experts in the field of automation and cross-process integration for the textile finishing process, we are happy to share our knowledge with consultants. Whether at workshops or in individual meetings arranged for consultants, we are your partner for comprehensive solution development. In close collaboration with our corporate clients, we identify the most urgent automation processes and digital conversion issues in need of problem-solving support.

Drawing on our extensive experience, we then design customised and individual training courses in which we coach you on how SETEX tools serve to analyze projects. In some cases we would be happy to bring external consultants on board to get involved in carrying out projects on site. Our services are geared towards ERP consultants for manufacturing operations management (MOM). However, we also offer partner programs on channel textile production, production automation and Industry 4.0.

Secure projects and processes through easy-to-implement solutions

In addition to our specialist knowledge, SETEX GmbH offers you tools and applications that make it easy for you to implement your ideas and fulfill production requirements. We are your reliable and dedicated partner, always striving to establish a solid foundation for long-term collaboration with our customers. Our professional and straightforward in-house coaching sessions make it easy to learn about the benefits of new systems or to switch to SETEX MES.

With our experience and tried-and-tested training concept, we pass on our know-how in a step-by-step process to our customers. In this way, we are helping to increase the level of safety in the textile business, to optimize production processes, and to design services which can be implemented by us, our customers and partners at the very highest level.


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