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Leading manufacturers of textile machines worldwide have been relying on SETEX controllers in their original equipment for two decades. Our strength lies in the combination of HMIs and individually developed compact PLCs with our powerful OrgaTEX MES software. This unique synergy offers a greater range of functions than standard protocols or OPC-UA connections.

Close technology partnerships

In order to offer the best controller technology for every textile machine, SETEX works closely with various machine builders. We see this as a partnership of equals in which we provide direct support.

Our expertise in controller engineering is reflected in a wide range of tools and functions that create innovative and optimized solutions for our customers. As specialists in textile finishing, SETEX can offer proven controller sets and pre-defined software libraries that are continuously developed to meet specific needs and enable the implementation of innovations with the latest technical possibilities.

Simple process analysis

By linking processes, sensors and software, we guarantee simple and consistent data transfer as required by Industry 4.0. The resulting data and cause analysis provides your customers with the ideal basis for making well-founded decisions and taking smart steps.

With SETEX, you can rely on sustainable automation and IT solutions for your machines, which can be modularly expanded at any time to optimize production. Thanks to the compatibility with the OrgaTEX MES system, we can create and implement value for your customers efficiently, quickly and sustainably. Relevant information such as production figures, OEE, quality rate and availability for each individual machine can be tailored by our experts to the individual customer environment and quickly put into action.

For the purpose of optimizing the value chain with standard interfaces to the dye kitchen and dosing, your SETEX-controlled machines can be integrated to independently and proactively feed in the required chemical additives and dyestuffs, already dosed, dissolved and stirred, at the optimal time.

In line with a modern approach to energy management, our engineering experts are happy to develop innovative solutions that will actively minimize the total energy input needed to achieve the specified production target.
This usually includes communication between the machine and the hot water tank, hot water management with predictive mixing functions, wastewater management and avoidance of power peaks.

Integration of third-party controllers

With suppliers of continuous systems, we opt to use the flexible and platform-independent OPC Unified Architecture (OPC-UA) interface for the areas of washing, drying and fixing; this enables the efficient exchange of data with our OrgaTEX MES for recording machine and process data.

The standard functions offered include:

  • Machine status message
  • Batch report
  • Time type report
  • Reasons for downtime
  • Energy consumption  
  • Other process parameters

The exchange of data can go far beyond mere recording. Production processes can be developed directly in OrgaTEX with modern tools and visualized as on the machine controller. In addition to batch creation, production planning, analysis functions and reporting, OrgaTEX controls the handling of production batches and recipes on the machines via the OPC-UA online real-time connection.

Safety and comfort

As a trustworthy system partner, we offer comprehensive support and develop complete solutions for the entire textile production process. In Germany and 45 other countries we have personal contact persons with OEM-specific expertise to provide you with effective support. We are happy to develop secure and convenient IT solutions for individual machines that pave the way to the digital factory:

  • OrgaTEX central control station  
  • Recipe and process management  
  • Disposition and production planning
  • Visualization of KPIs

For the switch to SETEX controller sets, we offer machine manufacturers individual support, pre-configured tools and special training programs for controller configurations and PLC programs.


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