Textile finishing

As a technology supplier for textile finishing, our automation and software solutions pave your way to Industry 4.0. With our SETEX controllers and OrgaTEX optimization software, we develop structured solutions for our customers that are integrated into early-stage production processes and optimize your resources.

Reduce costs successfully

A well-organized breakdown of costs is a fundamental challenge when it comes to preparing a detailed analysis of existing cost structures and identifying new potential for profit gains. Our SETEX solution is designed to adapt to your functional needs and increase your productivity while reducing costs. From process-optimized SETEX controllers to the comprehensive OrgaTEX-inteos solution – the possibilities are endless!

Our approach

Our first step is to determine the best workflow for you to ensure optimal, efficient and sustainable utilization of your machines and resources. We are not only your technology partner for machines, sensors, colorimetry and so much more, but also a versatile supplier for your Industry 4.0 platform. The long-standing cooperation with our machine manufacturers guarantees maximum usability and efficiency.

Machine automation

For production automation, machine controlling via our SETEX HMIs is the centerpiece of the system, which in combination with Compact PLCs effectively reduces machine downtimes. Thanks to the ingenious integration of the SETEX controller, OrgaTEX includes a digital twin that can be used in the manufacturing process and for displaying and optimizing processes.

Digital factory and Industry 4.0

The requirements of Industry 4.0, which will entail changes to production and business processes, create exciting possibilities for machine and textile manufacturers. We support you during this process and develop IT solutions for single machines right up to entire digital factories. Integration into the respective production environment and optimal support of the responsible staff are decisive for the high degree of acceptance and effectiveness of our production-related systems.

Ensuring sustainability in production

Over the last few years, the topic of sustainability and environmental awareness has come to the fore in textile finishing. For example, trade fairs such as ITMA are increasingly highlighting this topic and advocating for modern, environmentally-friendly production concepts for companies. The initial finishing steps may provide particularly valuable starting points for improving environmental standards in production, such as with your pre-treatment machines or in the color laboratory. SETEX controllers optimize the use of your resources, which may range from gas and steam pressure to the electricity fed into your machines. Smart process management can produce noticeable reductions in the consumption of water, dyes and other chemicals. This means lower consumption costs and higher profits for your company. A sustainable concept that preserves jobs and other operational factors will win over your business partners and customers. See for yourself how SETEX solutions for environmental protection pay off at your company.

Technology partners and interfaces

We support you with standard interfaces for the color kitchen and dosing, colorimetry and ERP. In terms of ERP, we offer pre-defined function modules that have become the go-to standard over the years for numerous customers and projects. We are happy to implement tailor-made solutions, working together with our customers and the ERP provider, and to provide comprehensive support from planning to implementation.

Safety and comfort

SETEX GmbH operates worldwide with a local partner network, which guarantees that you will receive fast support, from on-site consultation to worldwide remote maintenance. Our solutions prove themselves thanks to their continuous feature updates, longevity and future-proof technology. Our proficiency and high degree of technical expertise form the foundation for our outstanding hardware and software service. We always have diagnostic and analysis tools waiting in the wings for daily use. Experience for yourself SETEX GmbH’s broad-minded approach and willingness to take on and shape ideas for the future with you.


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