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Controller technology, sensors and MES software Made in Germany

The textile industry is characterized by an extremely high degree of customization. That’s why intelligent digital industrial production with high added value is expected in textile finishing. As a producer of high-quality automation technology, controller and ERP software, we help our partners and customers bring their ideas to life through combined efforts.

Profitability through the best technology

A quarter of a century ago, SETEX was the first company to introduce microprocessor technology in a textile machine controller. Continuous innovation and long-term availability has convinced more than forty textile machine manufacturers worldwide to use SETEX controller technology for automation solutions.

Industrial analytics & visualization

To fine-tune production, machines and systems must collect, process and visualize the requisite (sensor) data.

SETEX offers various types of sensors and RFID tags for the finishing process. Our camera-based measuring devices detect and control the thread frequencies of woven and knitted fabrics in real time, at machine halt or full speed. This ensures that the fabric in a garment contains the precise number of threads per square centimeter in the finished product as defined in the collection specifications.

Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0

The result is not only an increase in production speed, but a veritable flood of information. OrgaTEX, the manufacturing optimization management software from SETEX, is a central platform for processing and networking information from different systems. OrgaTEX not only increases productivity through analytics tools, process automation and an integrated overview of the status of orders, machines and processes; it also lowers costs through the forward-looking optimal use of resources.


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