SETEX 390-Series Controller

For efficient, transparent and highly reproducible production

Discover the SETEX E390 / C390 controllers for Textile Production 4.0, which use cutting-edge technology to maximize production efficiency and resource efficiency while reducing the carbon footprint.

With their intuitive design and online interaction capabilities, the new SETEX controllers enable the integration of new apps for energy management and networked process optimization. This makes them the perfect choice for anyone looking to improve their production processes and streamline operations.

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Enabling high-performance production with a low carbon footprint

  1. The SETEX E390 controllers offer real-time KPIs, intuitive mobile-like swipe usability, web visualization, and IoT-functionality via OPC-UA.
  2. The symbiosis of SETEX E390 controllers and OrgaTEX X2 MES platform enables a new dimension in exchange of data and functions.
  1. for finishing companies, enabling agile process optimization with web-based access for software planning, scheduling, business intelligence analytics and supply chain transparency.

E390 Controller

Machine Controller for textile exhaust dyeing

Efficient Process Interaction: The E390's user interface makes controlling and monitoring processes easier, intuitive and more engaging.

The SETEX E390 controllers enable fast and detailed communication with operational apps, delivering real-time access for predictive tasks such as planning, energy management, and maintenance.

Mobile connectivity: Being accessible via web-browser on any mobile device allows production, office areas, and service personnel to connect with the machine without having to physically interact with the HMI, making it a versatile and flexible option for a wide range of applications.

C390 Controllers

Solutions to enhanced functionality and streamline the finishing workflow

In the heart of textile finishing, where energy-efficiency, functionality, and productivity are critical factors for success of modern finishing lines, the C390 controller series is designed to optimize their workflow and take their production to the next level. With integrated OPC UA clients, advanced application software and an intuitive user interface, the C390 controllers offer engineering excellence, reliability and flexibility.


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