Solid production and investment security

with best-in-class technology

Nowadays textile finishing machines are packed with modern technology.
But this new technology is only meaningful if the operator can understand and use it.

High-quality. Information-rich. Tailor-made.

All SETEX embedded CE controllers offer functions, project-engineering tools and an operating concept that benefit from 25 years of expertise in design, construction and manufacturing of controllers.

Developed with focus on textile production, SETEX controllers offer proven standardized solutions, while other manufacturers have to develop individualized solutions requiring significant amounts of engineering input.

Process-optimized controllers

The universal product family of SECOM controllers impress users with their performance, robustness and safety functions, all of which meet the unique requirements of the textile finishing industry.

Our various device families meet the most diverse requirements in process automation. Combining SETEX hardware and software as a complete system is the ideal way to accomplish batch and continuous porcesses in an efficient, economical way.
Certain elements of the system might require fine-tuning and customization by our experts.

We are happy to support our partners with consultations.

Innovation and technology

  1. Stay informed at all times with accurate real-time process visualizations
  2. Consistent quality through reproducible production processes
  3. The system forms a solid foundation for additional functionalities
  4. Flexible due to the integration of machine extensions
  5. A safe investment thanks to intelligent interface with continuous data transfer to the central production management system OrgaTEX

When buying a machine, pay close attention to the controller. It must be compatible with the superordinate automation system! Isolated systems do not fit into an efficient workflow!

For questions on how to connect your systems as efficiently as possible, our SETEX experts are happy to advise you.



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