SETEX controllers for continuous processes

The common denominator for your data

Every day, countless meters of different types of fabric are stretched, dried, thermofixed, functionalized and coated in the finishing process. By the time the goods arrive here, they have already passed through the entire finishing process. At this point, every mistake costs a lot of money.

With SETEX controllers you can easily connect your machines to the production management software OrgaTEX MES and thus equip your finishing machines with innovative process technologies that meet the demands of modern and efficient textile finishing.

How can stenter frames and other continuous machines be adapted to meet today’s demands?

The trends and demands of international brands and retailer continuously force textile producers to optimize their processes and increase productivity.

Our goal is to permanently improve the profitability of textile mills with innovative and high-performance products. Equipping machines with a 15-inch SETEX 848TCE touch-controller with clear graphical real-time analytics, connectivity to extend the existing sensors with digital functions and value-added services, such as connection to the OrgaTEX MES system or maintenance via the Internet, already delivers immense added value.

The resulting simplification of operation and integration of the subsystems makes it possible to automate processes and reduces set-up times.

For our customers, collecting data and controlling merely a handful of additional functions with modern SETEX sensors, such as temperature control, width adjustment, optimal heat setting and mesh or fabric density, has increased the potential of their mills and thus their efficiency.

Benefits beyond the products

Since over one hundred values are continuously recorded at every average finishing machine, it is enormously helpful to make these data instantly utilizable.

By networking machines that are already equipped with SETEX technology, quality and anomalies are detected, reported and analysed by the OrgaTEX MES system. At the same time, the advanced planning system sends pending production orders to the machine controller. For this purpose, a digital twin is used to calculate optimized process and machine values for every single order.

Thanks to continuous process data collection, comprehensive quality management is achievable for the company, for institutions and customers. This technology allows for optimal control of your mill and ensures that key performance indicators are always known.


Stenter frames, dryers, compactors, calenders, sanforization, winders, cold pad batch dyeing systems

Retrofit textile machines

  1. New life cycle
  2. Easier operation
  3. Less downtime
  4. Higher control accuracy
  5. Guaranteed availability of spare parts
  6. TQM traceability
  7. Teleservice
  8. Process data acquisition
  9. Process analysis
  10. Energy savings
  11. Evaluation of downtimes
  1. Alarm statistics
  2. Consumption statistics
  3. Resource conservation
  4. Optimized processes
  5. Internal and external PLC
  6. Interface slot cards, analog and digital
  7. Multilingual switchable interface
  8. Barcode support
  9. RFID support
  10. User administration


The interconnection of operator, machine and orders is accomplished by a SECOM 848TCE controller with its powerful software and a 15-inch touch display. When used as the main terminal on complex systems – such as stenter frames and countercurrent washing systems with custom designed visualizations – even complex processes can be operated intuitively.

The design features separate PLC and compact I/O racks, enabling clear decentralised networks with efficient resource management and multi-terminal operation.

The seemingly effortless integration of peripheral devices as well as the unrivalled functionality at the well-prepared interface to OrgaTEX MES means that your investment will stand the test of time.

In combination with a SETEX 606CE controller at the machine outlet or as a cockpit for automatic chemical supply and bath monitoring, countless manual switches are executed via interactive graphics and precisely recorded.



For smaller equipment, such as dryers and washing machines, operation should be simple and visualization should be compact. The bottom line is their usability. The SECOM 646TCE controller is primarily used in this area.

Automation applications, such as monitoring fabric density and warping angles with SETEX CamCount or displaying the heat setting section with WTM temperature sensors, are also ideal for 646TCE controllers.

When networked with OrgaTEX, they offer complete traceability and comparisons with target values.


The SETEX 606CE controller is ultra-compact, with integrated PLC, and ideal as a satellite monitor for large machines. The 7-inch touch screen monitor with its brilliant color display is the epitome of modern automation technology in compact smartphone format.

In combination with a SETEX 606CE controller at the machine outlet or as a cockpit for automatic chemical supply and bath monitoring, countless manual switches are executed via interactive graphics and recorded precisely.

Safety-related functions can also be controlled via direct keys.



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