Dye machine controllers

Perfectly adapted to every production area

SETEX machine controllers form the ideal basis for automating all kinds of production processes in an efficient, user-friendly and dependable way.

Our controller sets are specially designed for your machine and the desired processes.

Our experienced specialists precisely configure the controller, PLC, fieldbus and I/O modules to the desired functionalities of the machine. With our flexible process software variants, we cover the entire range of equipment, from single bobbin devices for sample dyeing to high- performance fabric dyeing machines with 6 or more chambers at short liquor ratio dyeing technology.


For our system partners, we focus on developing a complete package for a long-term partnership, relying on our highly flexible SECOM 777CE – 777TCE controllers. In doing so, SETEX tools and technical expertise play a vital role in creating functionalities for optimum machine performance, providing effective customer support by a personal contact person in our company, and protecting OEM-specific know-how about specialized mechanisms.

In retrofit projects involving modifications of used dyeing machines, our SECOM 727CE and 737CE series take center stage. With its ultra-compact form factor and touch screen in smartphone format, our SECOM 575CE is ideally suited for standard machines used in jet, beam and yarn dyeing processes.

Thanks to multiple PLCs, a large part of SECOM X40 controllers is dedicated to critical specialized solutions. We are the only manufacturer that can offer a controller for waterless dyeing with DyeCoo technology.


Designed for textile finishing applications

  1. Status counter
  2. Evaluate downtimes
  3. External evaluation of log files
  4. Stepping mechanism with parallel tracks
  5. SmartConfig variant management
  6. Multilingual switchable interface
  7. Barcode support
  8. RFID support
  9. User administration
  1. Alarm statistics
  2. Consumption statistics
  3. PLC, internal and external
  4. Interface cards, analog and digital
  5. Encoder cards
  6. Multi I/O cards
  7. RK512 | CAM
  8. Bus Arcnet or Industrial Ethernet

SECOM 777CE – 777TCE



SECOM 777CE is SETEX’s best-selling and most universal controller series. Fully operable in two ways: an interactive touch screen and keyboard shortcuts. In combination with modular SETEX compact PLC types and I/O cards, each dyeing machine can be automated in an optimal way.

A powerful software with 200 possible functions and up to 12 parallel function-layers can master complex processes with intelligent and predictive routines and display them in clear graphics.

The seemingly effortless integration of peripheral devices together with the unrivalled functionality at the plug-and-play prepared interface to OrgaTEX TM ensures that your investment will stand the test of time.



SECOM 777TCE uses the same technology as the SECOM 777CE except for the human-machine interface element. The touch screen was enlarged to improve display of information; the keyboard is no longer necessary.

Safety-related functions can still be triggered via direct keys.




The SECOM 737CE controller is the direct successor of the well-known SECOM 737XL. A 1:1 exchange with SECOM 737CE controllers is recommended for maintaining the value of existing equipment by technologically adapting them to new machines. Connectivity to current IT, production transparency and the reduction of downtimes guarantee efficient production and maintenance.

Particularly in times of high prices for raw materials and energy, process transparency from the individual machine to the company-wide production network provides you with concrete competitive advantages.

Technologically speaking, the SECOM 737CE controller uses the SECOM 777CE platform, with identical flexibility with regard to functionalities and combinable i/o slot-cards. Thanks to the modular Compact PLC concept, there are no limitations when designing the desired configuration.

The operation of the controller is optimized for the specially designed keyboard, while the display provides comprehensive graphic information on a 5.7-inch screen.

SECOM 535CE – 575CE



The SETEX 575CE controller is ultra-compact with integrated PLC and FMD modules, designed for a streamlined and easy-to-maintain installation.

SETEX’s SmartConfig tool with complete setups for jet, beam and yarn dyeing machines allows users to click on the appropriate functionalities from ready-made templates.


The easy-to-use 7” touch screen display with typical high-quality SETEX visualization is the epitome of modern automation technology in compact smartphone format.



Easy to use, outstanding efficiency and high safety are the hallmarks of the SECOM 535CE’s unique operating concept.

In industrial continuous operation, the maintenance-free fanless SETEX technology is advantageous. The SECOM 535CE communicates with sensors and components via decentralized SETEX FMD input/output modules to the integrated PLC. This makes it possible to adapt the system to yarn, piece and other dyeing machines according to their complexity in a high-performance, cost-effective way.


With a plug-and-play interface for process integration and efficient support, Windows CE.NET software makes it easy to connect machines to the OrgaTEX central system.



The SECOM 707CE controller is a special model of the 535CE with a USB port on the inside of the housing.



Whether you have small-scale dyeing machines with several independent dyeing stations for fashion sampling and process optimization, or sequentially clustered processes in several autoclaves, a SECOM X40 controller handles and visualizes processes of up to four PLCs on one monitor.

The 15” TFT color display provides an overview and the necessary details at a glance, even for complex systems.

Innovative developments, such as dyeing with supercritical CO2 on an industrial scale by the DyeCoo company, rely on a SETEX X40 solution for the modern three dyeing tube setup.

Application example:



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