OrgaTEX MES Solutions

Our Manufacturing and Utility Management solution OrgaTEX is going to improve your operational efficiency by increasing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and minimizing unplanned downtimes.

Our strong textile machine automation roots allow us to use the full potential of machine data with MES knowledge management techniques to make production processes fast and easy.

We focus on your business goals to successfully address reduced profit due to increasing environmental and resource costs, exchange rates and shorter time of delivery. OrgaTEX MES is the textile specific solution for agile production with advanced planning and intelligently managed distributed resources.

See the entire state of production at a glance

OrgaTEX MES software empowers manufacturing companies to plan their production accurately and, most importantly - online in real time. The system knows the local conditions about the current status of operations for this reason and uses reliable data to predict forward-looking statements. The integrated overview of the status of orders, machines and processes enables a reliable production planning and to handle even the tightest deadlines. In this way, you remain in control of the production process at all times and you are prepared for the future of Industry 4.0.

Productivity increase through efficient production processes

Our strong textile machine automation roots allowed us to streamline the planning, manufacturing and controlling system levels in a unique way of a modern technology stack. No technical patchwork. While in conventional systems the individual processes in production can be optimized only with considerable time and cost effort, our modern OrgaTEX MES system offers completely new possibilities here. The software has proven itself in a thousand companies, uncovers production-weak-points without mercy and provides specific assistance to eliminate them purposefully.

Solutions for individual needs

Do you have to continuously adapt new production processes? And to incorporate less experienced employees and higher job turnover optimally in the company process? And to be able to make strategic decisions quickly and soundly?
A specifically tailor-made solution that fits into your overall concept will help immensely!

In summary, this means that we spend a lot of time with the project participants to introduce the best system for you at a reasonable cost. We want to find customers with whom we can work well and long term for a stable future.


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