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OrgaTEX MES solutions for Industry 4.0

A key feature of Industry 4.0 is flexible manufacturing with the ability to reconfigure by changing the characteristics of systems and resources involved. This requires machines, supplies and utilities talking and listening at a very detailed level with the MES software.

That provides the framework to operate a proactive energy management, to integrate a predictive maintenance system and to always be informed by a plant visualization system that shows an overview on multiple machines with online insight to PLC process values and computed KPIs.

Resource productivity

Reducing the consumption of resources throughout the production processes will reduce environmental impact and automatically achieves a high degree of cost efficiency.

Energy management systems usually provide a continuous data collection and reporting according to customer-defined indicators. But more importantly, what do you do if you exceed the thresholds? What if a KPI value driver turns red?

A unique feature of OrgaTEX is to enable energy-flexible production. Production parameters, initially optimized for cost efficiency, are dynamically adapted to current energy aspects during operation. The agile program for implementing a holistic production system

We make this made possible by deep integration of production facilities, production peripherals and production sub-systems through the use of the intelligent, energy-flexible control system.

Predictive maintenance

Today, maintenance is focused primarily on solving current problems and often is in conflict with daily business. With the OrgaTEX Maintenance Manager, you can load maintenance parameters of entire machines digitally into the system, evaluate incoming data in real time and plan maintenance work in advance.

This is made possible by an intelligent alignment, where data from the sensors, the SETEX machine controls and the OrgaTEX maintenance software are merged.

Through our predictive maintenance management, you have the possibility to release recommendations in time for actions to all persons in charge, rather than to overreact often unforeseen.

Production management with even more transparency

Start low and built as you grow. Due to the modular structure of OrgaTEX, enhancements of functionalities tailored to your individual company needs are possible at any time.

Smart Data vs Big Data

  1. Energy-flexible production
  2. KPIs with individual thresholds
  3. RFiD user login
  4. User-specific controller menus
  5. Production & maintenance planning
  1. Preventive maintenance
  2. Import of maintenance rules
  3. Customized hall plan visualization
  4. Online visualized energy savings
  5. Enhancing human deployment

Energy Management

Energy data collection

With the connection of energy meters and machine data expanded with regard to energy aspects, a management of different energy carriers is possible, e.g.:

  1. Electricity
  2. Gas
  3. Steam
  4. Water
  5. Waste water

The automated synchronization of the process chains forms the basis for energy-efficient production with OrgaTEX energy management. The SETEX proprietary development of mathematically supported algorithms for the simultaneous consideration of resources plays a major role in this.

Energy saving

A proactive OrgaTEX energy management system used for on-site operation can help to avoid peak load penalties by dynamically adapting the running production to current energy aspects according customized requirements.

Engineers can configure production parameter dependencies with energy rules on carriers, machines, utilities and predicted low points.

OrgaTEX Energy Management immediate benefits:

  1. Automated recording of energy consumption
  2. Identification of energy-intensive machines and work steps
  3. Analysis of consumption in correlation to machines, orders and articles
  4. Consumption billing on user-defined periods.
  5. Calculation and monitoring of key figures including escalation management
  6. Consumption profiles for detecting peak loads
  7. Cost advantages in energy purchase through energy quotas
  8. Proof of consumption (Records for relevant standards as DIN EN ISO 50001)

Plant Navigator

Today, organizations need information that provides them with real-time visibility into the state of their production. Plant Navigator offers an individual type of visualization in order to provide an overview of the status of individual machines, even in large halls.

Keep track of your processes

Plant Navigator can be parameterized and used globally for a hall, department or for detailed analyzes down to the system or machine level, combined with the process and machine data acquisition.

The module uses the same analytics engine as OrgaTEX Energy Management, which correlates and evaluates information across multiple streams.  The customer-specific analysis and monitoring rules and key figure calculations stored in the module can trigger alarms, issue control commands to machines and notifications on large screens.

No matter if you use Plant Navigator for:

  1. Visualization of process values in the machine overview
  2. Machine states in a hall overview
  3. Online key figures for OEE, RFT or energy saving
  4. customer-specific calculated values output to an interface

The primary goal is a transparent company and employee information system for the continuous optimization of quality and energy-related services in a company.


Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is an established technique in clothing, logistics and shops for quite some time. In the textile manufacturing process, SETEX controllers can be easily upgraded with an RFiD reader to support employees in the work process.

For practical handling, each employee receives a transponder that adapts both the user interface of the controller to his work environment, as well as assigns his user ID of the OrgaTEX data acquisition.

  1. Machine configuration (e.g. machine maintenance menu)
  2. Machine and user related (user login / logout)

On the one hand, this increases the security against unauthorized operation of certain control functions, on the other hand, the work of the employees can be documented online and as a report.

This facilitates queries about product problems and creates opportunities for a fair bonus system.

Ask our sales department about your upgrade options.

Maintenance Manager

With machines where downtime is a significant expense or parts become unusable when treatment is interrupted, predictive maintenance helps to prevent unplanned downtimes.

Predictive maintenance is possible

Currently, repairs and maintenance are carried out as soon as they are needed and are in conflict with the daily business.

With the OrgaTEX Maintenance Manager, the condition and performance of the machines are continuously monitored in order to be able to predict and, if possible, avoid unplanned downtimes.

Turn data into benefits

A digital machine twin in OrgaTEX contains information for evaluating critical operating parameters. Intelligent sensors on the machines enable the collection of relevant data in real time. Online synchronization of sensor, machine and Maintenance Manager software transforms the data into predictive, performance-related maintenance.

The maintenance planner

The maintenance manager planboard visualizes pending work with date, machine, component, instructions and machine availability. The maintenance work can be grouped according to priorities and coordinated with the production fine-planning.

SETEX machine controls as well visualize special maintenance process conditions. Beside this, it is possible to record maintenance work directly on the machine and provide feedback to the OrgaTEX MES system.

The OrgaTEX Maintenance Manager helps you to increase system uptime, longer lifetime of your machines and more stable processes:

  1. Import of maintenance documentation, instructions and rules
  2. Configurations automatically generate service work to be carried out
  3. Edit already generated maintenance tasks or manually create new unplanned maintenance tasks
  4. Combining maintenance and repair work in a maintenance order
  5. Synchronize maintenance work with planned daily business


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