OrgaTEX MES Production Management

» Shorter fashion cycles and new textile fiber blends require continuous new production processes. In addition, there are challenges with frequent changes of the employees, more efficient use of resources and evolving competition. «
Does this sound familiar to you?

Use your potential with OrgaTEX MES

We are building a bridge to Industry 4.0: The OrgaTEX MES horizontal, vertical and functional integration of the processes and systems along the production chain achieves the benefits, that can be summarized as follows:

  1. Reliable key production indicators
  2. Production at minimum cost
  3. Ensuring a constant high quality
  4. Compliance with legal and corporate guidelines
  5. Immediate proactive and reactive production control

See the entire state of production at a glance

The order management of OrgaTEX MES schedules production batches directly on the advanced planning board for a comfortable graphical visualization of the entire machine park. A 360° view of all required resources generates a realistic fine-planning based on all connected capacities and a proactive, responsive production control.

Your master data is yours

Real-time monitoring of production processes, along with machine, material and job data, provides you with a database that helps you track down process weaknesses, systematically improve your productivity and realize your full potential.

With "Smart Recipes" for intelligent production

Practiced lean management in the process and recipe archive: Instead of constantly adding production processes due to continuously modified products, chemicals and items, Smart Recipes work by intelligently combining best-practice treatments with the batch recipe. If you change a processing step, parameters or a chemical, all recipes and all production processes are instantly automatically adjusted by the system.

Knowledge Management with Formula Wizards

We have intelligently interconnected production processes and master data with a knowledge management: Theoretical knowledge and experience stored in the system is used by the software itself for a self-optimizing production batch calculation. This results in batch-individual process optimization via machine, method and material functions.

Flexible and user-oriented

  1. Agile planning
  2. Master data management
  3. Production orders
  4. Production-cockpit
  5. Resources
  6. Batch tracing
  7. Product-stock
  1. Know-how management
  2. Smart Recipes
  3. Formula wizard
  4. Cost & Efficiency KPIs
  5. Downtime management
  6. Controlled weighing
  7. Production calendar

Advanced Planning (APS)

The OrgaTEX networks with unlimited access to production machines data visualizes in real time the productivity of machine capacity, batches and on-time scheduling on the Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) Planboard.

Placing an order on a machine calculates a production process with real live machine parameters. The order contains precise information on the required resources, products, progress over time in conjunction with supply systems (dispensers, etc.) and reliable time forecasts.

Planning with live resources

Rescheduling using drag and drop immediately shows the effects. The contiguous visualization of capacities enables selective optimization of utilization levels, set-up times and weak points. Precise statements on delivery dates and the accomplished workflow are more important today than ever before:

  1. Planning by order
  2. Order simulation (costs, consumption, times)
  3. Multi-resource view (machines, recipe, fabric)
  4. Unlimited number of machines connectable
  5. Batch rescheduling effects
  6. Online progress bar


Production management

With Industry 4.0, the type and amount of information will change faster and faster. The powerful master data management in OrgaTEX is designed for this. In addition to product data, article and customer data are also provided with extensive information.

A special tab for "additional data" is perfect for optimizing finishing processes. Thus, information (and experiences) and processes are interlinked so that production processes are automatically adapted without defining special rules, for example:

  1. An article generates a special post-treatment in the process
  2. A specific colorant adjusts the dyeing process
  3. A customer receives fabrics with specific fastness characteristics

Likewise, safety-relevant and ecological data can be used for instructions on the machine, calculation of recipes and mixing rules of dosing systems.

Enriching the master data with your knowhow and experience makes the difference to automatically improve productivity.

Smart Recipes

Recipes we call all those datasets, that can be converted into a production batch at the push of a button. And because OrgaTEX does what you want and not the other way around, we have several methods for doing that.

Sequential or smart

You have the option of creating a production process with a list of all process steps and a bill of materials. Or with smart reference models made of placeholders with universal usability, which form themselves of a kind of puzzle during batch scheduling, with the goal of calculating the best in terms of process time, processing steps and product and resource consumption.

With Smart Recipes you can run your production with 5% of production processes compared to conventional production archives.

Formula Wizard

Sounds complicated? It does not have to be! A specially designed Formula Wizard converts logical formulas into "click-click" on drop-down menus. Thus, cause and effect are stored as a rule used by the software.

The system automatically recognizes and utilizes exceptions or improvements that your specialists have stored in the system.

Batch simulation

In order to monitor results of the process architecture, or to determine the true costs of production in advance, a batch can be simulated on a preferred machine in the recipe module. With this, Sales can calculate customer orders precisely.


If you invest money, you want to see results. This is especially true for production assets. It is essential to define which key figures are important for your own objective, to measure and to assess them.

For this purpose OrgaTEX provides data on machines, products, processes, orders and suppliers as reports for KPI and trend analyzes.

  1. Batch report with online values for each parameter, consumption, cost, time and alarms
  2. Analysis of the process quality with all data of all sensors and actuators
  3. Quality figures including process corrections, additions and alarm reasons
  4. OEE equipment effectiveness
  5. Product-stock management with batch tracing

Whether top management, production specialist or shop floor staff, the OrgaTEX key figures are available in real time and provide detailed insight into the current situation.


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