Standard Interfaces

As a specialist with 25 years of experience, we know exactly which data is needed in which structure for a best performing operation. The OrgaTEX MES provides all this data generated in textile production - quick on the trigger with good quality and recorded only once.

Increased efficiency across the entire value chain

Access to real-time information is as important to decision-making at all levels of the enterprise hierarchy as it is to autonomously operating production and supply systems, where information is correlated and predefined situations are synchronized.

The more interesting the possibilities of a system are, the more important interfaces become to be able to use the technology as widely as possible. The OrgaTEX interfaces encompass all value-added-relevant IT systems as well as your machines, systems and colorimetric systems.

Better data quality

Depending on the system partner and infrastructure, system integration with OrgaTEX can be implemented flexibly and, above all, independently of the release. By using an integration database with standardized functional modules, OrgaTEX is able to systematically network all steps of the value chain.

Integration of third-party controls

ERP / PPS systems use the ODBC connection of the SQL database. SETEX recommends 5 function modules whose transfer tables are defined in a database schema and can be used in different ways by ERP systems.

OPC UA partnerships

For the SPA (single point access) of machines and manufacturing equipment, we recommend interfaces based on OPC UA, the most advanced communication protocol for industrial applications. We have pre-configured mappings of the standard data fields with well-known machine manufacturers, which can be flexibly customized and expanded to suit your unique system.

Color-related data

For color quality testing and synchronization of laboratory recipes, we rely on the market leader Datacolor, whose system allows us to offer deep integration across multiple levels.

With our interfaces, the technology is flexibly networked across application areas, supplements or replaces functions in third-party systems and is thus increasingly becoming a reliable assistant to your employees.

The benefits are obvious:

  1. There is no need to record existing data
  2. The systems produce exactly what was specified
  3. Master data and order data are automatically imported, verified and interpreted
  1. The administration effort is reduced as recipes, production processes and orders are intelligently combined
  2. Production becomes more independent of human error
  3. Feedback processes in almost realtime

Manufacturing equipment

In times of increasing data volumes and increasing complexity, it is becoming important for textile companies to integrate functions from a centralized MES system across all departments, areas and process stages along the value chain.

In contrast to separate BDE terminals, OrgaTEX machine-interfaces provide:

  1. Condition monitoring
  2. Central process data preparation
  3. Supportive process optimization
  4. Teach-in from the machine control
  5. Optimization of energy consumption
  6. Detailed planning of orders
  7. Sequence of orders loads for each machine
  8. Online tracking of machine status
  9. Connection to automatic dosing systems

Most machines are integrated via OPC UA

Client / server applications and database handling are not high priority techniques for machine manufacturers (OEM). The portfolio of SETEX therefore offers various interface technologies for OEMs. The majority is realized via the interoperability standard OPC UA.

For many washing, drying, fixing and KKV systems, as well as tumblers and compactors, we provide a preconfigured technology. The machine manufacturers are contributing their part of the interface, which takes into account customer-specific functions

Machines with Termoelettronica controls

Dyeing machines and dispensers with Termoelettronica controllers can be connected directly to OrgaTEX via a SETEX gateway. Despite the simpler Termolettronica control logic almost the full functionality of the OrgaTEX applications can be used.

Creating programs, treatments and parameters works just as easy as handling smart recipes and using the graphical schedular.

Color kitchen and dosing

Each production addition increases the machine, process and product costs of a lot by more than 10%.

Analyzes of dyehouse automation have shown proof that automated weighing, solving and dosing with correct preparations and timed calls achieved the highest increase in efficiency. This automation step dramatically reduces off-shade dyeing, additions and customer complaints, which in turn constantly improves the right-first-time rate while also increasing machine capacity.

The connection of all machines and systems to an automatic color kitchen is therefore an absolute MUST!

Predictive control

Automatic color kitchens are about coordinating machine tanks, dyeing processes and bath-preparations. Ideally, the auxiliaries are already prepared in the addition-tank of the machine before the process step "inject products" appears.

The technology of SETEX controllers, whose functions are consistently implemented as parallel services, also enables intelligent interaction:

The entire production process is scanned for product calls (look ahead), including the subsequent production lot (batch overlapping). The remaining time is compared with the available batch tanks and synchronized with the dispenser software.

In figures, RFT improvements of 5% were achieved with this OrgaTEX interface.

Make current production faster with retrofitting

In order to provide you with the best possible technology for your systems, we work together with leading machinery partners for best data exchange. The functional extensions of the SETEX machine controllers are offered by us as well.

to OptiWeigh

Color management

Color management is critical to the ongoing success.

An integrated color management with OrgaTEX Lab2Bulk enhances the recipe quality through deep communication to the colorimetry system, creates an efficient color sampling process and keeps master data à jour via the background synchronization.

Consistent data with system partner

With Datacolor MATCH TEXTILE, the color recipe suite from the world leader in digital color management technologies, we enable a seamless exchange of laboratory color recipe information with production.

The Lab-data is collected and analyzed by Lab2Bulk

Smart recipes in OrgaTEX include processes and formulas to make production more responsive and cost-effective. The Lab2Bulk data linker application ensures that imported color recipes are combined with the appropriate production process.

Color correction

With the process-step "sampling" of a production machine, the batch data have already popped up in the Lab2Bulk application "production correction extenders" on the Datacolor system.

With high priority, the color sample can be measured and a color correction is calculated. A process addition is assigned as required within Lab2Bulk, before the production process continues.

These integrations save you time and money. Errors are avoided, synergy effects are used and thus the efficiency is increased.


Interface modules with ERP systems

Not only in terms of costs, deadlines, coordination and cross-system applications, it is crucial that employees from different systems can access a broad database.

An integrated overview of the status of orders, machines, processes and products makes optimum planning and intelligent production possible.

Data selectively prepared

The data arriving in the OrgaTEX MES is in a level of detail that an ERP system is not interested in at all. Therefore, useful data is compiled and condensed passed on to the ERP system for specific tasks as e.g. product costing forecast and product real costing analysis.

As a specialist with 25 years of experience, we support the ERP project partners by functionally prepare and disclose the necessary data structures. A common ERP integration is characterized by data exchange in mainly 3 information levels:

Production Order Management

There are many ways to structure production order data. A commercial system will handle quite different parameters than an MES.

The OrgaTEX MES recipe management imports ERP production batches, combines them with the right recipe and production process parameters in order to provide advanced production planning and scheduling which take the best from your machine park and assets. The OrgaTEX machine monitoring functions allow feedback to the ERP containing the process data and resource consumptions.

Master data synchronization

If information is created or updated on different IT systems (color lab, MES and ERP), you can use this interface to precisely synchronize the data you need. This will ensure, for example, that recipes and production orders are calculated with up-to-date prices.

Detailed product consumption

Our software receives online the real consumption data e.g. from weighing systems and automatic color kitchens.

For just-in-time inventory accounting, ERP systems require information that provides an up-to-date and order-related overview of product consumptions.


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