From ERP to sensor

When ERP systems link the fashion trade and online fashion shops with the production teams, quantities of material required at short notice must be produced quickly. In the finishing process, even the smallest batches can be produced more cost effectively thanks to improved process control with appropriate sensors.

Essential products with a big impact

The use of modern sensors to collect data and control merely a handful of additional functions, such as optimal thermofixing, seam detection and RFID tags, is sometimes enough to permanently improve the profitability of textile mills. These sensors simplify operation, automate and integrate subsystems, and enable effective automation. As a result, process times are reduced, reporting is improved, and maintenance plan information is provided.

A small step towards Industry 4.0

However, the close integration of technology and software is just as important, which is why SETEX decided to develop its own sensors. When the central MES system takes care of the algorithms of the production processes, the sensors must communicate with the signal chain via the controllers.

Sensors you can depend on – for OEMs and modernizations

SETEX products are put to the test by customers with the highest standards in their daily operations. We offer our partners in machine building functional and easy-to-implement solutions with long-term availability, fast worldwide delivery and personal contacts for support. We work directly with our clients as automation partners to provide them with integrated solutions, including optimized process levels and machines, traceability and collection of production data (KPIs).


Radio frequency identification (RFID) has long been the state-of-the-art technology in the clothing industry, logistics and shops. However, in addition to track and trace technology, machine- and user-related applications in production depend on receiving information through simple and automatic user login/logout:

  • Real-time reporting
  • QC and OEE reporting
  • Wage and bonus information
  • Access to different system levels (e.g. maintenance plan information)

Smart Login user login/logout

All current SETEX controllers can be equipped with an RFID reader. Each user receives a unique transponder.

The contactless login triggers specific menus and functions directly at the controller according to the defined authorizations for maintenance, information and input fields, and more.

On the OrgaTEX MES system, customer-specific reports show, for example, which machines an employee operated and when, even if they were outside of his area. This facilitates inquiries in the event of product issues and creates opportunities for a fair bonus system.

Ask our Sales Team about your areas of application.

WTM Fabric temperature



Stenter frames are used primarily for drying, thermofixing and finishing textiles. With an average of 2.5 passes for a single batch, they obviously create a bottleneck in the workflow.

Adding an optimally matched heat setting to the process keeps energy consumption to a minimum, ensures the requisite temperature control in all chambers, and maximizes fabric speed.

The precise measurement of the fabric temperature at different chamber temperatures controls the degree of fixation of the dyestuffs, the color fastness and the fabric handle.

WTM V41 sensors measure the fabric temperature without contact, with maximum repeat accuracy and a measuring accuracy of better than 1 °C (33.8 °F).
The 45 mm sensor resolution enables high-precision measurements in the complete measuring range. The external mounting puts the sensor at your fingertips, making it possible to take readings reliably without having to access the interior of the heating chamber. The position of the sensor allows for extremely rapid responsivity.

  • Temperature measuring range up to 250 °C (482 °F)



The WTM V21 sensor is ideal for installation inside heating chambers, with the same level of precision and a smaller temperature range. 

• Temperature measuring range up to 250 °C (482 °F)

SD100 Seam detection

Seam detection and dyeing on contact

When companies face shrinking profit margins, it is critical to reduce fabric waste and avoid machine downtimes.

To this end, SETEX offers a magnetic field sensor with very high temperature stability over the entire temperature range, along with very high sensitivity based on Giant Magnetoresistance Technology (GMR), which guarantees reliable seam detection independent of fabric speed.

Typically, the DS100 sensor is used for color control when samples are taken and for cutting and unloading when the machine stops at the seam.

Modern dyeing machines with short liquors often dye on contact. The SD100 sensor provides the exact number of cycles per fabric rope.


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