OrgaTEX MES: Elevating Textile Manufacturing Excellence

OrgaTEX MES redefines textile production efficiency by combining advanced manufacturing and supply management. Achieve unmatched resource optimization and visibility into production performance and cost control, using interactive OrgaTEX BI dashboards. With seamless machine integration and detailed operational insights, OrgaTEX MES is your gateway to a smarter, more sustainable and profitable textile industry.


Dive into the world of intelligently connected textile manufacturing with OrgaTEX Basic and experience a new era of production control. Benefit from real-time production monitoring that brings transparency to your manufacturing processes and improves traceability. OrgaTEX Basic is your key to an efficient, transparent, and future-proof production environment.

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OrgaTEX MES Professional

OrgaTEX Professional is an advanced MES solution that brings Industry 4.0 to textile production. With BI Dashboard Analytics, Smart Recipes, and Condition Oriented Maintenance, it enables efficient and precise control of production processes. This solution uses process experience algorithms and advanced data analytics to provide real-time insights and optimize treatment recipes. OrgaTEX Professional transforms your production processes, reduces costs and increases efficiency by utilizing the latest technologies to respond quickly to market demands.

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Web Services

Gain strategic insights with OrgaTEX's BI dashboard analytics that provide in-depth management visibility and informed decision making. 
Complement this with our cloud-based production planner, a tool for accessing real-time production data and optimizing planning processes. Together, they optimize machine utilization, reduce downtime and increase overall production efficiency, accessible from any device.

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Textile Finishing Solutions

OrgaTEX enables seamless digitalization and resource management in continuous textile finishing. By integrating your finishing machines with OrgaTEX MES, you benefit from optimized machine performance as well as improved data management and user experience. The efficient monitoring, analysis and optimization of production using various machine and process data leads to increased quality and resource efficiency.

OrgaTEX Synergy

OrgaTEX Synergy starts at the shop floor level and offers customized integration modules for dye kitchen dosing systems, weighing systems and dissolving stations, complemented by condition-based maintenance management.
In addition, the modules ensure smooth interaction with ERP and color matching systems, thanks to proven interfaces to leading global suppliers.
The OrgaTEX Synergy modules combine precision, adaptability and intelligence to optimize your entire production process.

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Datatex NOW ERP solution

The Datatex NOW ERP solution, synergized with SETEX OrgaTEX MES, enables a fully optimized production process down to the machine level.

This perfectly aligned partnership provides a comprehensive management platform that improves production efficiency, quality control and resource utilization throughout the process. The solution is scalable for companies of all sizes and promises optimization that goes far beyond traditional integrations, driving innovation and excellence in textile production.

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