OrgaTEX Basic

Optimized Production Management

Dive into the world of intelligently connected textile manufacturing with OrgaTEX Basic and experience a new era of production control. Benefit from real-time production monitoring that brings transparency to your manufacturing processes and improves traceability. OrgaTEX Basic is your key to an efficient, transparent, and future-proof production environment that is not only advanced but also resource-conserving and sustainable.

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Machines & Process Data

OrgaTEX Basic links machines, sensors, processes, and software to achieve optimal production metrics and machine efficiency. It enables transparent recording of machine runtimes, downtimes, and reasons for downtime in real-time, aiming to minimize operating costs by efficient use of resources and time.

Main Benefits of MDA & PDA (Machines & Process Data Acquisition):

  1. Increase machine utilization for maximum efficiency
  2. Immediate detection, logging, and response to error messages
  3. Recording and reduction of downtime and maintenance times
  4. Comprehensive, graphically supported process analysis with individually adjustable parameters to unlock deeper insights and optimization potentials

Program Optimization

Experience how centralized programs and modular design simplify and optimize your production processes with the OrgaTEX Program Editor. This module allows you to efficiently design, customize, and standardize production processes, making your production workflows more structured, reproducible, and cost-efficient.

Key Features:

  1. Graphical and tabular presentation for improved clarity.
  2. Detailed temperature/time curves for precise process control.
  3. Customizable function parameters with integrated formulas.
  4. Facilitated creation, management, and optimization of production processes.
  5. Identification and systematic reduction of process anomalies.
  6. Simplification of complex procedures through visual division into parallel tracks.
  7. Standardization of production processes for consistency and efficiency.
  8. Modular construction of standard treatment blocks for flexibility and ease of maintenance.

Reducing Downtime

Unlock superior machine insights with OrgaTEX: Expert-led, in-depth remote support beyond standard MES/ERP limitations

  1. Advanced Diagnostic Precision: Leverage deep machine insights with our expert-driven remote support. Directly access and analyze HMI and PLC data, surpassing traditional MES/ERP limitations, to swiftly identify and resolve issues.

  2. Seamless, Immediate Software Updates: Benefit from the most up-to-date software versions with no delays. Our proprietary protocols allow for immediate, remote updates and configurations, ensuring your machines operate at peak efficiency.

  3. Tailored, Expert-Level Service: Experience personalized customer support that goes beyond standard solutions. Our in-depth knowledge of machine control software and hardware enables us to provide targeted, efficient service with 24/7 availability on request.

Immediate Problem Detection

Delivery dates must be met, further processing initiated promptly, machines efficiently utilized, and your staff correctly deployed. With machine & process data acquisition (MDA & PDA), OrgaTEX helps to bring transparency to the manufacturing processes through intelligent integration of SETEX controllers. Without additional BDE terminals and without additional manual inputs! The module collects real-time information on runtimes, downtimes, disruption reasons, and order data in production.

Eliminate weak spots

Machine data acquisition collects and evaluates alarms, machine states, and process values – all the operating data you need for relevant information such as production metrics, OEE, quality rate, or availability for each individual machine.

Expand IoT Technologie

Rely on OrgaTEX Basic for a sustainable IT solution that can be modularly expanded at any time to optimize production. Through compatibility with the OrgaTEX MES Professional system, we can efficiently, quickly, and sustainably create and implement added values for you.

Digitization in concrete terms

  1. Online Supervision
  2. Production Program Editor
  3. Central Intervention in Ongoing Production
  4. Production Analysis
  1. In-Process Control
  2. Remote Support
  3. Remote Updates


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