Cloud-optimized production control

Planning and analysis, anytime and anywhere

Perfectly timed information reaches exactly the right person, anytime and anywhere. Control your production processes with real-time insights and intuitive options for action from the BI dashboards of our cloud technology.

Complemented by our innovative Web Scheduler for precise planning in real time, the OrgaTEX MES cloud controls your production processes seamlessly and efficiently and promotes team collaboration to jointly increase productivity.

The future of textile production is digital, flexible and data-driven. Take the next step towards a more efficient future with the OrgaTEX MES professional cloud.

OrgaTEX Web Scheduler

Seamless production control

While the local version of OrgaTEX Scheduler offers a full range of functions, the cloud version is optimized for maximum flexibility and access from anywhere. Cloud connectivity allows you to customize and monitor your production data anytime, anywhere, minimizing downtime.
Real-time insights improve on-time delivery and increase process control by enabling immediate adjustments and identification of reasons for downtime.

The OrgaTEX Web Scheduler increases production planning efficiency by improving team collaboration between different stakeholders through accessible, up-to-date information.

  1. Real-time access and control of production
  2. Intuitive drag-and-drop planning
  3. Instant updates on machine status and batch details
  4. Minimization of downtime and optimization of machine utilization

OrgTEX BI Dashboards

Insightful Production Analytics

Our BI Dashboards are your gateway to deeper production insights, enabling weak point identification, production efficiency analyses, and comprehensive OEE reporting. Leverage data-driven strategies for operational excellence, unlocking meaningful insights from complex data sets, driving your textile production towards efficiency and innovation.

  1. Comprehensive production efficiency dasboards
  2. Detailed insights into material and resource consumption
  3. Data-driven decision-making tools
  4. Foster a culture of continuous improvement

Advantages of cloud MES and BI dashboards

  1. Real-time data access and visualization: data can be visualized in real time, enabling an immediate response to changing production conditions.
  2. Intuitive dashboards: Customizable and interactive interfaces provide a clear overview of key KPIs and promote data-based decision-making.
  1. Scalable and secure analytics: Cloud-based solutions make it possible to scale quickly without hardware investment or software maintenance, while maintaining high security standards.
  2. Collaboration and insight sharing: BI dashboards facilitate team collaboration by making data visualizations and analytics easily shareable.


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