Added value for the finishing process

Enhance the efficiency and flexibility of your textile finishing processes with OrgaTEX, tailored to meet the demands of continuous processing lines.

Our solution, integrating advanced planning, detailed monitoring, and optimized process management, aims to make your operations more efficient and sustainable. The standout feature of OrgaTEX is its extended SETEX OPC-UA connection, which offers the capability to access specific functions and data points beyond the scope of standard OPC-UA. This allows for deeper integration into the central OrgaTEX MES, facilitating the implementation of advanced MES functions directly at the machine level and supporting comprehensive energy management. With OrgaTEX, you gain the ability to more effectively monitor and control your entire production chain.

Discover how our extended connection not only aids in decision-making but also creates tangible value for your business by enabling faster process innovations and ensuring product quality.

Performance Insights

With OrgaTEX production monitoring and business intelligence (BI) evaluations, you not only get a comprehensive real-time overview of your production, but also deep insights into machine performance, energy consumption and quality metrics. Unlock the power of detailed analytics and historical data to proactively address challenges and systematically increase your efficiency. These features open up avenues for continuous improvement by providing decision makers with sound information to optimize production quality and reduce operating costs.

  1. Real-time and historical performance data: Gain a complete overview of machine performance and energy consumption through real-time monitoring and historical data records.
  2. Proactive measures: Identify deviations and trends at an early stage to proactively initiate measures to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
  3. Platform for continuous improvement: Use detailed BI evaluations for deep insights into your production processes that support continuous improvement processes and enable data-driven decision-making.

Extended OPC-UA

SETEX's Extended OPC-UA bridges the gap between traditional OPC-UA and the advanced requirements of the textile finishing industry. Enjoy enhanced connectivity that includes functions integrated directly into OrgaTEX, such as production planning, batch loading lists, real-time production monitoring, and improved detection of downtime reasons, without the need for additional programming by the machine manufacturer.

  1. Advanced diagnostics and real-time monitoring directly in OrgaTEX
  2. Seamless integration into existing systems without additional programming
  3. Improved adaptability and flexibility in production

Discover the extended possibilities of our OPC-UA integration and how it can increase your production efficiency.

Online production planning

Our OrgaTEX MES Scheduler offers a dynamic and intuitive planning interface that allows you to visualize and optimize your entire production planning in real time and minimize production bottlenecks.

The integration of the continuous systems enables direct communication between the batch planner and the machine controllers, ensuring a seamless and efficient transfer of production orders including the required process parameter set data. This simplifies the transition to the next production batch, minimizes set-up times and enables production throughput without delay.

  1. Online communication between the batch planner and the machine controls for precise transfer of production orders and set data.
  2. Reduced set-up times thanks to the seamless availability of all necessary process parameters for the next batch directly at the machine.
  3. Real-time visualization of production and maintenance status in the central batch planner

Benefit from optimized resource utilization and increased productivity thanks to the seamless connection that ensures precise and timely execution of your production plans.

Pad-batch production

OrgaTEX’s pad-batch functions optimize the use of chemicals and dyes and minimize water and energy consumption.

By automating the dyeing process and precisely controlling the dosing of chemicals, OrgaTEX enables more consistent dyeing and improved sustainability.

  1. Automated and precise chemical dosing
  2. Reduced water and energy consumption for more sustainable production
  3. Improved product quality through uniform dyeing

Learn more about the benefits of our pad-batch production solutions.

Process management

The virtual mapping of your production machines in the OrgaTEX software enables precise control and optimization of every step in the textile finishing process. Users can clearly develop machine and process settings in the sampling stage, manage them centrally, and adjust them afterwards to maximize efficiency and product quality. Step lists provide a clear overview of all required steps in a process, including machine set-up and operation, and enable faster adaptation to production requirements.

  1. Virtual representation of processes for optimized control
  2. Remote adjustment of machine and process settings
  3. Clear visualization of production steps to increase efficiency

Discover our process management and how it can increase your productivity.


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