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OrgaTEX Professional equips professionals with tools for enhanced efficiency, transparency, and sustainability, ensuring they meet and exceed customer and brand expectations.

Our MES software makes it easy to optimize production processes while complying with your quality and environmental standards. It enables a detailed analysis of production deviations and maximizes machine utilization, even with less experienced staff.

Experience the power of real-time data analysis and dynamic planning tools, allowing proactive adjustments and simpler achievement of production goals. OrgaTEX ensures your textile finishing processes are not only efficient but also future-proof.

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Advanced Planning

Unlock thorough and efficient production planning across the entire spectrum of textile finishing with OrgaTEX APS Scheduler (Advanced Planning System).

  1. Interactive overview of planned, running and completed batches, including timing and color coding (RGB). Allows for immediate adjustments, ensuring optimal production flow and minimizing delays.
  2. Product calls and preparation oversight: alerts for chemical requisitions and missing materials increases planning agility, ensuring components are available when needed.
  3. Sampling and addition treatments to update planning accuracy and visualize additional processing steps.
  4. Flexible scheduling and adjustment with creation and drag and drop of production batches increases planning agility, ensuring resources are fully utilized and production meets deadlines.
  5. Production downtimes and capacity bottleneck identification and visual highlighting is facilitating quick intervention of production delays to reduce downtimes and ensures a continuous, efficient production process.
  6. Cleaning, maintenance & repair display enables the planning of maintenance work with consideration of time-critical production.
  7. Dynamic Shift Planning tailors batch processing to match shift transitions with strategic batch breakpoints, to streamline delivery schedules by minimizing idle time at shift end.

With OrgaTEX APS, you are always in control of every aspect of your production planning, ensuring maximum transparency and responsiveness and promoting efficient resource utilization.

Smart Recipe

SmartRecipe™ revolutionizes textile finishing with rule-based knowledge management, utilizing mathematical formulas to efficiently capture and optimize process characteristics and requirements,

The Formula Wizard enables textile finishers to record supplier data without in-depth technical understanding and to incorporate their own process experience directly and intuitively into the optimization of production processes.

This technology promotes continuous improvement of recipe quality through the integration of practical experience and company-specific data.

  1. Rule-based optimization using math formulas
  2. Simple creation using the Formula Wizard
  3. Continuous improvement of recipe quality
  4. Adaptation to company-, process-, machine- and product-specific conditions

Datacolor Color Management

Achieve seamless color quality management and process optimization in textile finishing by integrating Match Textile software. This partnership streamlines the workflow from lab data to production, ensuring consistent color quality and significantly reducing the process from color lab to production readiness.

  1. Recipe transfer and process mapping
  2. True batch color for OrgaTEX planboard visualization
  3. Online sampling & correction using the Lab2Bulk extension

Integrate your Match Textile software with OrgaTEX MES for consistent colour management from lab to production.

Comprehensive Reporting

OrgaTEX Professional broadens your analytical capabilities with an advanced reporting system. Monitor process stability, assess product quality, and gain insights into production efficiency and sustainability. Tailor dashboards for various stakeholders and quickly adjust processes with real-time feedback.

  1. Process stability monitoring: Track the consistency of your production processes to identify weak points.
  2. Quality assessment reports: Get detailed analysis of product quality to ensure the highest standards.
  3. Sustainability metrics: Monitor resource consumption and environmental impact to optimize your production methods.
  4. Performance analysis: Use comprehensive data to increase the overall efficiency of your facilities.
  5. Customizable dashboards: Create specific views for different stakeholders, from production supervisors to management.
  6. Real-time feedback: React quickly to current production data to adjust processes immediately.
  7. Historical data comparisons: Compare current performance with historical data to identify trends and plan ahead.
  8. Export functions: Easily share reports and analysis with team members and stakeholders through versatile export options.

Lot Tracking

Ensure traceability with OrgaTEX's Lot Tracking, defining and tracking each product lot within the system. Barcode tagging, for example,  allows for precise monitoring during weighing and dosing:

  1. Enables precise monitoring and tracking of each product lot.
  2. Barcode tagging for accurate weighing and dosing processes.

OrgaTEX MES: Advanced Manufacturing Operations Management

  1. Real-Time Monitoring
  2. Flexible Batch Scheduling compromising efficiency
  3. Traceability
  4. Smart Recipe Management
  5. Seamless Shift Handovers
  6. Detailed Reporting
  7. Datacolor Match Textile Integration
  1. Process Optimization
  2. Quality Control Tracking
  3. Process-Oriented Breaks
  4. Efficient Resource Utilization
  5. Sustainability Analysis
  6. IIoT Technology
  7. Customizable Dashboards


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