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OrgaTEX Synergy starts at the production level and ensures optimal operational processes by providing intelligent interfaces to all relevant systems and machines.

Through 30+ years of accumulated expertise, our technology enables a significant increase in efficiency and data quality through customised and partly exclusive integration modules for dispensing, color QC and ERP. System partnerships with the world's leading suppliers enable improvements in overall plant efficiency that no single solution can achieve.

Our PDA module enriches BI reports by analysing unexpected causes of downtime before they become bottlenecks.

OrgaTEX energy management and digital maintenance provide a strategic advantage through predictive maintenance and efficient resource management.

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Precise efficiency

OrgaTEX offers sophisticated functions for color kitchen systems so that automated weighing, dissolving and dosing can significantly increase your production processes in the long term.

Predictive call-off

By identifying product-related requirements at an early stage and intelligently coordinating all machine containers, the color kitchen approaches are prepared even before the actual need arises. This predictive synchronisation of demand and preparation, even across production batches, improves color-kitchen throughput and increases machine capacity, while improving the Right First Time (RFT) rate by over 5%.

  1. Intelligent real-time communication between dispensers and dyeing machines efficiently coordinates machine tanks and dyeing processes.
  2. Predictive logistics enable perfect preparation of the dyes and auxiliaries in addition-tanks before they are needed.
  3. Automatic prioritization of time-critical additions and synchronisation with dosing system software for optimal process flow and precise consumption feedback.

For more responsive, efficient and accurate production, plan to connect all supplies and devices with OrgaTEX MES.

Color management

Lab2Bulk colorimetric excellence

Measure before control. This is especially true when it comes to color. Integrated color management with OrgaTEX Lab2Bulk increases recipe quality through cross-departmental system communication for colorimetry, creates an efficient color sample process and keeps master data up to date via background synchronization.

Secure data flows with system partner

With Datacolor Match Textile, the color recipe suite from the world leader in digital color management technologies, we enable the seamless exchange of color recipe information from the laboratory to production.

Color formulation and color correction

Laboratory-confirmed recipes contain colorimetric data. Production processes in OrgaTEX include procedural steps and formulas to make production more cost efficient, transparent and responsive. The Lab2Bulk Data Linker application ensures that imported color recipes are combined to the appropriate production processes. In practice, this also results in a more structured workflow.

When a production machine reaches the "sampling" operator call, the batch data is already available in the Lab2Bulk "Production Correction Extender" application on the Datacolor system. With high priority, the sample can be measured and a production addition is calculated.

  1. Recipe transfer with process mapping
  2. RGB batch color for OrgaTEX planboard visualization
  3. Online sample & recalculation with Lab2Bulk correction extension
  4. Color quality monitoring for production orders

These integrations create synergies to eliminate errors, increase efficiency and ensure consistent color management from lab to production.


Networking for Textile Finishing Excellence

When it comes to the integration of ERP systems in textile finishing, our OrgaTEX MES interface enables a seamless connection between order processing, warehouse management, inventory management, resource planning, production control and pre- and post-calculations.

Thanks to our integration database, meticulously refined from three decades of ERP integration experience, SETEX delivers unparalleled efficiency gains with real-time production information precisely clustered and formatted to meet your needs.

  1. Order flow for planning, controlling and executing production orders.
  2. ERP recipe import functionality in case of not using the OrgTEX Samrt Recipe.
  3. Consumption analysis to support precise cost accounting and stock accounting.
  4. Production log for detailed insights into production activities.
  5. Master data synchronization to address the challenge of missing information that can be an obstacle to the effective integration of complex processes.

Discover how SETEX's customized ERP integration simplifies and optimizes your production processes. Contact us today to take your efficiency to the next level.

PDA Analyser

Extended production data acquisition

SETEX's advanced production data acquisition (PDA) closes the gap between pure data collection and in-depth analysis of production processes. By integrating additional user input into the reporting system, SETEX provides a comprehensive basis for data-supported decisions and precise process optimization.

  1. Custom data collection: Enables the collection of specific user input to deepen understanding of production processes and develop customized solutions.
  2. Advanced reporting capabilities: Leverage customized reports based on additional metrics and insights to gain a more accurate picture of production performance and potential optimization opportunities.
  3. Analysis of specific reasons for downtime: Identify and document individual production downtime reasons for targeted troubleshooting and process improvement.
  4. Optimization of production cycles: Detailed analysis of downtimes and runtimes allows you to make production cycles more efficient and reduce bottlenecks.
  5. Decision support: The data and insights gained serve as a solid basis for strategic decisions and contribute to the continuous improvement of production performance.

Discover the possibilities of extended production data collection and take your productivity and efficiency into your own hands.

Energy management

Intelligent efficiency for sustainable production

SETEX's energy management goes beyond pure monitoring and enables sustainable and cost-efficient production through intelligent self-regulation.

The specialized focus on production-relevant processes in textile finishing enables adaptive energy management that reacts proactively and situationally to production conditions without compromising on quality or throughput time.

  1. Water management: synchronization of water-temperature with machine heating actions and automatic selection of the appropriate water type based on availability and priority management.
  2. Energy load balancing via unique closed-loop approach to prevent energy peaks via proactive measures
  3. Energy cockpit for monitoring steam indicators, temperature and flow rate with self-running measures in the event of imminent overload or underload.

Each implementation of SETEX's energy management is tailored specifically to the customer's needs and circumstances. It is a flexible solution that goes far beyond standardized reporting tools by seamlessly integrating into existing production landscapes, leading to an immediate increase in efficiency.

Ask for a personal consultation and find out more about the specific benefits for your company.

Digital maintenance

SETEX Maintenance Manager cleverly integrates maintenance tasks into the production planning board, minimizing interruptions while maximizing machine availability and performance.

  1. Integrated planning: The real-time fusion of maintenance and production planning ensures that the production flow takes priority and maintenance tasks are seamlessly integrated without disrupting operations.
    In the event of potential conflicts, production is given priority to protect production targets, while scheduling during non-production times maximizes machine uptime.
  2. Digital archive: An indispensable pool of information provides quick access to maintenance manuals and parts catalogs, speeding up repairs and keeping production running.
  3. Proactive maintenance: Uses sensor data to detect maintenance needs early and keep machine performance at its optimum.
  4. Spare parts management: Intuitive management of spare parts makes ordering as effortless as browsing through a digital library.
  5. Safety and compliance: Ensures that safety and warranty standards are met for every maintenance task, while maintenance logs support warranty validation and facilitate the adaptation of regulations to company-specific requirements.

Discover with SETEX Maintenance Manager how digital maintenance becomes an integral part of your production flow, optimizing the longevity of your equipment and the overall production costs of your machines in addition to minimizing downtime.

For efficiency, precision and energy optimization in textile production

  1. Intelligent real-time communication: Drives efficient coordination between dispensers and machines, optimizes production processes and reduces response times.
  2. Flexible ERP integration: Ensures seamless data communication with leading industry systems and customized solutions to improve order throughput.
  3. Lab2Bulk Colorimetric Excellence: Optimizes color quality management through seamless integration from lab to production processes, ensuring consistent color standards and accelerating the transition from color development to final production.
  1. PDA - Precise Data Acquisition: Supplements real-time production data acquisition with detailed analysis of unplanned downtime, enriching data quality and supporting targeted optimization measures.
  2. Dynamic energy management: Controls and optimizes energy use in real time to ensure maximum efficiency without impairing the production flow and quality assurance.
  3. Digital maintenance: The Maintenance Manager (MM) combines preventive maintenance, spare parts management and seamless integration into production planning, minimizes downtimes and increases machine service life with full compliance.


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